MDPA Competition Team Information 


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It is an honor to be on the team, however, before deciding if this is for you, please

read carefully this list of requirements and commitments required by all dancers

(and their parents) to be a member. As a member of this elite team of dancers,

you will have the opportunity to participate in performances, competitions, national

competition, as well as guest teacher workshops. We have researched and interviewed

many dance teachers with similar programs to design what we believe

is a reasonable and workable program.

Being a team player is an important responsibility and to help you better

understand your commitment. It is the parent’s and the child’s responsibility to read and understand

the requirements and decide if both of you can agree to commit yourself 100% to the program. It is our wish for the team to provide a great deal of fun and good lessons for its members. Many dancers have never been interested in or played organized sports.The competition team will offer exposure to many of the assets that organized competitive sports can offer such as: hard work and the rewards that come with it,

learning to work together, commitment, time management, camaraderie, goal setting,

being held accountable and self-confidence. The philosophy on competition is to use it as a

training tool for each dancer, to see other dancers and styles and levels of accomplishment.

Participation in such events is a reflection of our school’s commitment to a well-rounded dance

education for the dancer. It is not only about the way we train our dancers, but also on how we, as

teachers, influence them as people. It is our studio’s goal to develop a genuine respect for dance

as an art form in each of our competition team members. With the right focus, the experience can

be an excellent motivator of self confidence. If the dancer feels good about their performance

and understands that they are better each time, then they are truly growing through the competition

experience. Hitting that stage and doing the best that they can is what it’s all about.


We aim to motivate our dancers and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available.

For us, competition is an education! We want our dancers to be the very best every time they step foot on the stage. That as long as at the end of the day they did their best on stage then the results are secondary. Judges are professional dancers, choreographers and mentors and know dance and it's art.


Criteria, Requirements and Commitment Policy

The purpose of the Competition Program at MDPA is to provide an enrichment

program for those selected students who excel in dance and have demonstrated a

sincere desire to commit themselves to furthering their level of achievement in dance.



Being on the Competition Team will require a commitment and dedication beyond

that of our regular schedule of classes. Additional time is devoted to outside class,

rehearsals and in some instances, weekend practices.



Weekly class and rehearsal attendance is MANDATORY! Effective learning and

progression cannot take place with the absence of participating members. If a

student repeatedly misses class, it will be grounds for dismissal from the

team. Team members and their parents must agree to commit their participation

and support for the entire year. Dances will be staged and choreographed to

accommodate all team members. If a member drops out or is released, this affects

the other dancers and the staging of the number.



In order to be eligible to compete, the following requirements for students who take

contemporary jazz, and lyrical are: ballet, technique class, and stretch & strength.

The following requirements for tap is ballet and technique class.

The following requirements for Hip Hop is Hip Hop technique and stretch and

strength. Team members and their parents must agree to commit their participation

and support for the entire year.


Dance Class Attire

Dancers are required to wear form fitting clothing for team classes. Preferably

black. Leotards, cami tops, tank tops, recital tees, leggings, dance shorts.

No jeans are allowed for tap or hip hop.

Ballet technique, all dancers are required to wear the traditional attire - black

leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, hair in a ballet bun. (black shorts, skirts are

optional). Tights do not have to be worn during the warm summer months.

Ballet technique for Boys is black dance pants or shorts, black ballet shoes

and white solid (no graphics) tee shirt.

For Stretch and Strength- form fitting leotard, cami top, crop top, tank top, black

shorts, leggings, capris. We carry everything you need for class - leotards, tanks, shorts, tights, shoes.

Another Great sources for these items are available at the studio, or


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact studio at 510.651.2783

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