Thais Rosa


Thaís Rosa, originally from Brazil, began her training with ballet and jazz in 2004. Teaching and dancing for many years, she performed as the principal ballerina of Juliana de Oliveira’s shows in Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz and many others as a secondary ballerina. Due to her long experience, since 2012 she became a Juliana de Oliveira’s advisor on the annual festivals. Her relationship with dance changed dramatically in 2015 when she had a student exchange experience in Santiago, Chile, where she was exposed to a new world. In Chile, she realized how dance was the core of her entire body which allows her to be many persons in one world, by acting different characters. 3 years ago, when she moved to San Jose, she started training contemporary and modern dance at Purdance combined with Ballet classes in Google. There, with a friend, she started idealizing her own dance group called Inspire Moves, which got concreted in 2018. With Inspire Moves, Thais found a way to share experiences and find her own dance style by the fusion between contemporary and modern dance with Brazilian and Mexican culture.