Tumble Stretch and Strength

Tumbling is commonly called gymnastics. This class  will only focus on the flexibility, strength and precision on flat mats. The use of cartwheels, back walk overs, handstands, round offs, aerials (no hand cartwheels), etc will be used as tools to build strength by using the dancers own body weight. Split exercises will be used to increase flexibility and the continuous practice of "tricks" (I.e. cartwheels, back walk overs etc.) will increase the consistency of dancers' body placement. Most professional dancers have taken tumbling/gymnastics to gain larger roles in shows. Think Cirque de Soliel!

In this class, students will focus on strength and flexibility needed to become a star dancer. The class starts off with a rigorous warm up to get the dancers heart pumping and body sweating. Push ups, sit ups and leg lifts are just a few of the exercises that are included in the warm up. Deep stretches will then follow this warm up. Such stretches included are lunges, back bends and splits. This will allow the dancers to feel an increase in flexibility within just a few classes. By taking a stretch and flex class, dancers will be more motivated to set and achieve higher goals in their dance careers.